Sunday, 21 December 2008

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All..

Have just posted off some christmas cards today (at least it is actually before Christmas Day). So to everyone who won't actually get the card until the New Year, please enjoy the following video clip I was sent by Ed

Isa Lei Fiji

Well, after 3 years in the beautiful Fiji Islands we made the call to return to Auckland at the end of January. Tom has been accepted at St.Peters College, Grace at St.Marys and Joe will return to Pt.Chevalier Primary. It will be an interesting change for us all, especially Joe who has now spent more of his school years in Fiji rather than NZ.

We are looking forward to spending our last Fiji Christmas on Mana Island with friends and New Years on Treasure Island (60’s theme, Grace and I have managed to find some rather tasteful leopard skin pants— keep an eye on the blogsite).

We have had another amazing and busy year, at Easter we took the boat right up to the Yasawa Islands , Rebecca & Dave came over for a return visit to Mana, a 50th in Melbourne, more trips around the place with the Mako swim Club and the Nadi Bay Canoe Club.

Of course though the highlight of our year being our round the world trip which took us to New York, Rome, Venice, Nice, Paris, London and finally to Africa.

It was really amazing, we saw so much and did so much it’s hard to recall it all, but Botswana is the place that we all enjoyed the most. We would love to do another safari (maybe 2010 ?), who knows. Am working on some slides and photos ....... I need a round to it for Xmas please someone.

We wish you all good health and prosperity for 2009 ,enjoy the photos and we are also looking forward to catching up with everyone very much.


Dot, Brian, Tom, Grace and Joe xxxxx

Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Donkey Capitol of the World

Although it took a fair while to get off the Costa Fortuna by tender, we transfered onto an old styled Greek fishing boat. Just for something to do other than look at ruins or old buldings we decided to climb the local volcano and swim to a warm spring.

I think the guides and sailors of this boat didn't know quite what to make of our lot (especially Joe of course). They were climbing around no worries, as you can see.

Don't I just love having my photo taken....... You can really see what Brian's thinking can't you.

We particularly liked this sign...
Relax and Be Happy , a great sentiment for sure.
Although I didn't think to bring my cellphone with me as I swam from the boat. Maybe he means, give him a call and he'll grab his mobile to put in a rescue call ?

Could've been quite a nice photo, just can't get the models. Although Joe's previous modelling experience seems to be showing.

After the Island trip we returned to the main Island and had the choice of either waiting (again) to catch the cable car, walk or take a donkey. Actually, we didn't have any choice at all as Joe was extremely keen to take the donkey. Once at the top it is truly beautiful, the blue of the sea and sky and the white houses, just like the postcards.
I've been playing around with Picasa again, thought I'd try a photo collage instead of a slide show for a change, what ya think? Just click on the picture to enlarge.

Ni Sa Bula from Nadi

Bula all, yes we're home already. It's been two weeks and I haven't done any blog updating - so sorry.

I have finally sorted our photos into some sort of order and created a web album to send to our dutch friends that we ended up camping with on the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. Or they ended up stuck with us really....

So here's a sneak peak of Botswana Salt Pans 4x4 overnight camp (it was a fantastic trip), but see what you think.

Monday, 13 October 2008

A very quick post from London

Hi all, well we made it to London town ( I must say it is nice to be understood once again, I was begining to feel very dumb and frustrated about not being able to communicate properly). How I wish I had been more studious at French in school, although it is hard to get the relevence when you are so far away in little old NZ.

We have landed on our feet again and the place we are staying is great, great location (Pimlico - 2 stops from Victoria, 3 from Oxford Circus etc), great curry restaurant and pub and offy on the corner. It has 2 bedrooms and a kitchen which has made a big difference already.

Anyway, have been getting very behind in the postings so I thought I would load up a selected few, hope you enjoy......



Have to go for now...

PS Thanks for the comments Alison, yes I got it ok. (Wait till I post the Disneyland photos, they will love those -- no pressure now)

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Some Memories of the Costa Cruise

Arriving in Venice by train, we had to make our way to the Port which is very conveniently located right by the bus and water bus station, only problem is there is a very large bridge over the canal which separates the trains from buses. Now you think that it would make sense to have a ramp, as most travellers tend to have luggage, but no not in Venice, just loads of steps for travellers to haul their luggage up and over. Or, of course you could take a water taxi (for 60 euro).

Anyway, we managed this hurdle, as kiwis can do anything and successfully checked into the ship and found our cabins. I have tried to describe the size, but really it was like a small city, a bit too big for me to be honest but still a great fun trip.